Text Less Live More

What Is It?

Text Less Live More is a nationwide organization founded at Milton Academy in year of 2013.  This program was inspired by the death of Merritt Levitan who died in a car crash on July, 3rd due to a distracted driver.

Text Less Live More has a dual mission:

1) Raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving to save lives and prevent tragic accidents.

2) Encourage people to use technology in a mindful manner.

Textless Live More at BHS

Student Made PSA video about technology at Brookline High School



Peer Leadership is comprised of a group of students who have identified social issues in their community and want to tackle them head on. These issues may include teen dating violence, substance abuse, stress and anxiety, mental health, racism, gender equality, internet safety, and much, much more. As Peer Leaders they are change agents by creating presentations, videos, media campaigns, and group discussions for all Brookline community members. Whether they are leading discussions in the middle schools or presenting at PTO meetings, you can count on Peer Leaders to serve Brookline.

If you would like more information, please contact:
Mary Minott – mary_minott@psbma.org
To apply to become a peer leader, fill out the application (on this page) and stop by room 149 to sign up for an interview.


Weary Warriors

Students were asked three questions:

1) What about school stresses you out?
2) What are teachers doing to help with that stress?
3) Are there outside factors that add to that stress?

The clip above is a short summary of honest and earnest responses by our students.


Real Consequences of Smoking Marijuana

As students we are taught the science behind why smoking marijuana is bad for your health. In the following videos we want to highlight the real life consequences you can encounter for smoking marijuana or using any substance. This video will demonstrate the school, extracurricular, and family consequences. For more information, please visit The National Institute of Drug Abuse.


Freshman Success

BHS Peer Leaders were asked, “what does it take to have a successful freshman year?” The following video is their response and their advice to incoming freshman. They look forward to welcoming their BHS classmates and also look forward to seeing them at the Incoming Freshman Fair on June 18th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Cypress Field.