Course Descriptions

Peer Leadership, Year 1 Syllabus 2017-2018
Description of course:
MWF – Z Block
Teacher e-mail:   Kendell Jones – – 617-331-3046

Course Goals:
Drawing from the fields of public health, social work, restorative justice,  psychology, and mindfulness. Students will learn about many of the social, emotional and health issues that impact today’s youth, with a focus on mental health, healthy relationships, and substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs) and stress reduction. Students in the course will learn how to design and implement innovative strategies to affect positive change in the lives of Brookline youth.

Fall semester students will learn group facilitation skills and gain experience in public speaking to prepare for future presentations to parent groups, health classes, and public hearings which takes places during Peer Leadership II. In addition, students will identify, define and enhance their leadership skills not only to be successful in this class but in future endeavors.

Class Project/Presentations:

  • Listed below are topics that will be discussed throughout the year:
    • Gender Roles
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Marijuana, Alcohol or Other Substances
    • Race Issues
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • LGBTQ Issues
    • Leadership Development
    • Banner Assignment
    • Cafeteria Day (class project)
    • Other (to be approved)
  • Students will create an innovative way to present information about their topic.
    • Feel free to brainstorm with each other or with teacher for how to present.
  • Presentations will be 10 minutes long, which includes Q and A.
  • Presentations should be sustainable and be used as a mechanism for awareness or change
  • _______________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________________

Peer Leadership Year II

Schedule: MWF – Z Block 7:25-8:15 (50 minutes)
Teacher: Mary Minott, LICSW,
Office 149 (stop by any time); classroom- room 143        (o) 617-713-5155

Course Description:
Peer Leaders serve as positive role models in the community actively promoting healthy behaviors among their peers and with younger students. This course is for students who have completed the introductory year of peer leadership. Drawing from the fields of public health, social work, and  psychology, students will study in more depth the current social, emotional and health issues impacting today’s youth, with a focus on substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs), mental health, gender-based violence and cyber citizenship.

To deepen our understanding of teen health issues, students will work in small groups throughout the year researching current public health issues and preparing class presentations.  Additionally, students will work in small groups implementing a Public Health Project targeting a significant health issue identified by the 2017 student health survey.

Reaching out to younger students: Peer Leaders will conduct workshops for seventh and eighth graders in health classes and at evening meetings.
Workshop topics  include:
1) Developing healthy relationships and prevent teen dating violence;

2) Raising awareness about alcohol and other drugs and preventing substance abuse and related health risk behaviors;

3) Preparing for High School Years.  In December Peer Leaders will serve as key participants in the annual Wellness Summit working with community leaders to craft creative strategies to address student health issues.

4)  Mindful Use of Technology – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Parent Presentations- Peer Leaders are also invited throughout the year to speak to parent groups and at community forums.  Topics include Helping Student Cope with the Stresses of Junior Year, and Raising Your Child in the Digital Age.

Through this course students will enhance their teamwork and group facilitation skills and gain experience in public speaking as they prepare for presentations to community forums, parent groups, and health classes. Through their Public Health Projects students will gain valuable experience enhancing their organizational skills not only to promote healthy behaviors among their peers, but also to support their growth as future leaders of social change.